An expedition truck, what is that exactly and how do you make it or how can you have it made? In this article you can read more about what an expedition truck is and how these trucks are made and adapted to your wishes.

What is an expedition truck?

An expedition truck, it sounds very cool and it is. An expedition truck is a truck that is specially made to cover long distances on rough terrain. This truck is basically a motorhome, but for the unpaved roads and difficult trails. With an expedition truck you can travel for a longer period of time to, for example, the forests of South America or the African deserts.

An expedition truck is often made of trucks such as fire trucks, trucks or cars with flatbeds that are no longer used for what they were originally used for. These cars are completely renovated, so you first have an old fire truck and then a beautiful expedition truck that you can use for years to come.

Customization of an expedition truck

You can have an expedition truck made by various companies. Such a company will then select a suitable truck for you or together with you. Who knows, you may have seen an old fire truck pass by somewhere on the marketplace or you know someone who still has a car with a large loading platform for sale.

This car is then completely rebuilt. For example, an aluminum frame is used which is completely insulated. We always look very closely at the car, what it can carry in terms of weight and what the truck must be able to do in the future.

When the outside is completely to your liking, the inside of the truck is built. There is often a sleeping place, a kitchen, a sitting area and toilet or bathroom. All these parts can be completely tailored to the wishes of the customer as long as it is feasible. You can choose the color palette you want to work with and you can choose the materials. Do you prefer to work with a lot of wood to give the truck a cool look or do you prefer everything sleek? Almost anything is possible.